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Do it all or do nothing

Our friendly Concierge will help to make all of your arrangements for your Turks and Caicos vacation!

Recommended Activities

There’s so much to see and do here in Grace Bay, Providenciales.  From boutique window shopping at quaint stores, to experiencing the many amazing restaurants (both local fare and international cuisine by world renowned chefs) that line Grace Bay, and even into the water with any type of water sport that you can dream of, there’s something to do for everyone.  Our host is always happy to tell you about these experiences, and can help make arrangements for you as well.

Our guests absolutely love going out on a snorkel cruise where you stop off at remote, deserted beaches to search for shells, or just enjoy the local of it all.  Or, head over on a day trip via ferry to one of the family islands of Turks & Caicos such as North and Middle Caicos where you can experience a different style of island in comparison to Providenciales.

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