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Turks and Caicos Weather

There are few places as beautiful as the Caribbean particularly Turks and Caicos. Clear waters, lush wildlife, and white beaches, these islands are not only full of breathtaking scenery but are also an ideal climate. Turks and Caicos weather boasts an astounding 350 days of sunshine each year!

This group of 45 islands and cays is located just south of the Tropic of Cancer in the North Atlantic Ocean. The cool breezes of the easterly trade winds meet the sunshine to produce a warm, tropical climate.

Have you ever had a vacation ruined by weather? If you are worried about rain here, don’t be! Although most Caribbean travelers have to watch what time of year they book their trips, visitors to Turks and Caicos are pleased to find it sunny and clear. Without a typical “rainy season”, these islands see the most rain between October and November with only about 20-30 inches

In the Summer months, Turks and Caicos weather is a picture of paradise: a bright 6AM sunrise brings in the day and temperatures hover between 85 and 90 degrees F. Even in the late summer months, the circulating trade winds provide low humidity and keep temperatures from rarely exceeding the mid-90s. For the beach-goer, ocean temperatures average 84 degrees. At 72 degrees, summer nights provide perfect weather to enjoy an evening stroll down the beach or the many other activities the islands have to offer.

If you don’t come for Summer, don’t worry, Winter in Turks and Caicos is just as beautiful! With cooler temperatures averaging around 80-85, the sun and beach still provide plenty of warmth for your vacationing needs. If you are hoping to enjoy our clear waters, you’ll find them averaging 75-80 degrees during this season. And, with a low of 65 degrees, Winter nights offer a comfortable temperature to enjoy the islands.

Regardless of what time of year, you know you can find clear skies and warm beaches.

As with all Caribbean islands, Turks and Caicos can be affected by hurricane season, from June-November, but our advanced weather tracking capabilities make planning around any potential hazards easy to do!

We hope that you come an experience this breathtaking weather for yourself! Turks and Caicos weather mixed with its backdrop makes it an ideal vacation spot for all. The Venetian on Grace Bay offers the perfect location to enjoy this beautiful climate.


If you’re looking for a lovely Caribbean resort Turks and Caicos has many worth visiting. We invite you to experience the Venetian on Grace Bay. Contact us for more information about current rates and promotions.

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