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Spend Christmas in the Turks & Caicos Islands

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas………” Just as the popular refrain from the Bing Crosby Christmas carol suggests, people often dream of a white Christmas. But the white of the Turks & Caicos is a different white from the freezing cold
temperatures that cause snow. Down here in the Caribbean, the white is the pristine white, silky sands of the gloriously warm beaches and the sparkling turquoise water adds a vibrant and beautiful hue to the color palette of paradise. Add to that, elegant strings of Christmas lights strewn throughout the many palm trees that line Grace Bay Beach and its that extra touch of magic that truly makes the Turks the place to be when the holidays roll around.
So what kind of a holiday season can you have in the Turks?? Down here, you can have it all. A classic Christmas?? Done. A lively Christmas full of celebrations on the beach?? Done. A full-blown Caribbean Christmas?? Done. Done. Done.
Christmas is so spectacular in the Turks, in fact, that even highpowered celebs like Taylor Swift have been coming down for years to experience the best that the Islands have to offer at this most special time of year. Craving the traditional decorations and refinery of a classic Christmas?? You will enjoy the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the Seven Stars Resort. You can also check with some of the local gourmet restaurants to see if they are serving a Christmas feast.

Atmospheric Coyaba and Magnolia have been known to host delicious holiday feasts in years past. You can also spend quality family time in the quiet and privacy of your luxury resort. Let lavish accommodations, panoramic ocean views from your private balcony and top-notch, attentive service give you the peace, relaxation and good tidings that this joyous season should bring. Should you wish to experience more of TCI’s lively and unique culture, check out the annual Maskanoo parade on December 26. This event is a cultural masquerade festival, deeply rooted in African tradition. The parade is a feast of the senses, with bright, feathery costumes, glittery masks and rhythmic drum beats. The parade
follows a beachside route right along Grace Bay Road in Provo.
Delicious island cuisine and cultural handmade crafts are also available for purchase. Also offering a great time is the Post-Christmas Beach Party, held on December 28. Live music, savory Caribbean treats, kayak racing and handcrafts make this a lively and fun affair. And of course you can celebrate in the Caribbean tradition, by just digging your toes in the sand and letting the cool ocean breezes and the warm sun carry your worries away.
Either way you choose to celebrate, the Turks makes Christmas a special and magical time for everyone. So come on down to paradise and make memories that will last a lifetime. We’re waiting for you


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