Say “I Do” to a Destination Wedding & Honeymoon in Paradise!

Imagine, for a moment, the Turks and Caicos wedding of your dreams…

Dappled sunlight peeks through the swaying palm fronds. The gentle lapping of the ocean can be heard from a distance. The sweet, aromatic scents of tropical flowers in bloom infuse the warm Caribbean ocean breeze that gently caresses your face as you stare at your loved one with warmth, compassion, and delight in his eyes.

Your mother, seated in the front row, is dabbing at her eyes, tears of happiness streaking down her face. You are moved with emotion, delighted, dizzy with excitement, and overwhelmed with happiness, joy, and sentiment. This is the day you have always dreamed of; it couldn’t be more perfect.

Turks and Caicos Wedding Packages & Honeymoons

A Turks and Caicos wedding not only offers couples the chance to tie the knot in an idyllic setting that encompasses the whimsy and magic of love itself, a destination wedding brings people together.

Choosing to host a wedding at a destination resort like The Venetian on Grace Bay is an excellent way to bring two families and groups of friends together for an extended celebration at one of the most magnificent destinations in the world. It affords couples an unparalleled opportunity to create lasting memories with loved ones, unrushed, and without the distractions of everyday life competing for time and attention.

After spending time and effort planning the perfect wedding and honeymoon, couples deserve the opportunity to enjoy such milestone moments and derive as much joy as possible from their entire wedding experience. A destination wedding and honeymoon at The Venetian on Grace Bay lets them do that.

This is your day; make it exceptional, and let us help with the details.

A destination wedding can make your special day all the more awe-inspiring by providing you with a glorious backdrop of sun, surf and sand.

Let Us Help You Create a Turks and Caicos Wedding & Honeymoon to Remember!

Let our concierge and service team at the Venetian help you host an exquisite wedding day and honeymoon. We can help with all the fine details that ensure your day and honeymoon are picture-perfect bliss.

How do you envision your wedding?

We can help you host the wedding of your choice at the Venetian — a wedding that aligns with your personal style and discerning tastes, complete with sentimental details that reflect your relationship and journey together.

Have you ever considered a themed wedding? The options are limitless.

Why not consider…

A tropical bohemian themed wedding: Bring the Caribbean delights of Turks and Caicos to your special occasion. Exchange vows in a garden full of fragrant tropical blossoms or barefoot on the beach under a floral adorned arbor. Hire a local band to perform Calypso or Reggae music for your reception. Hang quaint lanterns and place floating candles in the pool and let the music, dancing and festivities continue well into the night.

A sophisticated, traditional affair: Complete with white and silver place settings, local blooms and champagne and prosecco on ice. Let the elegance and refinery of the The Venetian’s resort grounds and immaculate beachfront provide the perfect, timeless setting for pictures, and as the sun sets as the reception commences, let dimly-lit candlelight and warm tropical breezes create a romantic and magical ambiance.

Tie the knot at sea: Charter your own vessel and have nautically-themed nuptials. Say “I do” overlooking the amazing hues of the turquoise and “Tiffany’s blue” hues of the Grace Bay’s waters. Watch for brightly colored coral reefs, schools of exotic fish, or even, if you’re lucky, a bottle nose dolphin or two! Celebrate amongst a backdrop of the scenery you sail by: the white sandy beaches, gentle rolling hills, lush green islets, cays and mangroves. Come nightfall, enjoy the romantic ambiance of the sea kissed by moonlight and take in the breathtaking hue of vibrantly colored glow worms as they light up the waters like tiny constellations.

A casual beach BBQ wedding: Kick back and relax, light a bonfire, fire up the tiki torches and get married under a blissfully starry night. With the palm trees swaying in the gentle evening ocean breezes, take a dip in the ocean after your vows, have a local band play steel drums or reggae while you and your guests dance barefoot in the powdery soft sand and sip signature cocktails.

Whatever you choose, The Venetian team is here to assist you with all the details of planning your special day and ensuring it reflects the beauty, luxury and splendor that every wedding deserves!

Start Planning Your Turks & Caicos Wedding and Honeymoon!

Start making the Turks and Caicos wedding and honeymoon of your dreams a reality.

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