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Grace Bay Beach is a great place to plan a family snorkeling outing. The waters of Grace Bay and the northern side of Provo are generally calm and shallow, and there are two reefs close to shore.

Grace Bay’s Coral Gardens: Perfect Snorkeling Spot for Kids

Coral Gardens, also known as Bight Reef, provide a unique snorkeling spot located quite close to shore. The reef is part of Princess Alexandra National Park off Grace Bay Beach and Provo’s northern coastline.

The great thing about Coral Gardens is that anyone can wade out to the shallow reef to look at the beautiful fish.

A larger reef about a mile from shore provides protection, keeping the waters here calm for your kids.

Wildlife on the reef includes parrotfish, sea turtles, and eagle rays. It’s an amazing experience for children.

Coral Gardens are located quite close to The Venetian on Grace Bay. The shallow reefs lie about 15 minutes by car down at the western end of the beach.

The main reef here, the Bight or White House reef, is clearly marked by floats.

Smith’s Reef

Smith’s Reef is located close to Turtle Cove Marina, about fifteen minutes by car once again from Coral Gardens.

Smith’s Reef has underwater signs that describe the coral reef ecosystem its many colorful inhabitants.

Thanks to the signs and a well-marked underwater trail, snorkelers can learn about the various creatures camouflaged within the reef, the importance of sea-grass beds, and the ways that parrotfish contribute to the environment.

Since the reef lies at depths of 2m to 9m, this is a destination for parents of teenagers or older children who are strong, experienced swimmers. Contact our concierge for help and advice before planning an outing.

There are three accesses from shore to Smith’s Reef: one large parking lot, plus two smaller parking areas.

For more information about snorkeling near Grace Bay Beach, contact our friends at Reef Peepers.


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