Snorkel Cruise

Earlier this year Grace Bay Beach was ranked the #2 beach in the entire world,  ranking higher than spectacular beaches in Cuba, the Seychelles, and Thailand.

Besides the powdery sand, visitors to Grace Bay Beach love the crystal clear waters that make swimming and snorkeling such a delight.

The waters of Grace Bay are so calm and clear partly because the beach of the northern coast of Providenciales is protected by a barrier reef that lies about a half a mile offshore from our resort.

providenciales barrier reef

The barrier reef offshore is one of the longest in the world, and stretches from the western tip of Providenciales to Middle and North Caicos in the east.

Compared to snorkeling at Bight Reef just off the beach, snorkeling the barrier reef gives visitors the opportunity to encounter a greater variety of animals. Undersea life on the barrier reef includes corals, turtles and eagle rays.

spotted eagle ray

Taking a tour out to the barrier reef is a great way to experience the pristine environment of the Turks and Caicos.

Local tour operators such as Caicos Dream Tours typically offer two half-day trips each day, leaving at 9:00am and 1:30pm with complimentary snorkeling equipment, drinks and light snacks.

And remember: a coral reef is a living organism.

So, be sure avoid stepping on the reef or accidentally brushing the coral with your flippers. Never feed sea animals, and never collect shells sand dollars or coral for souvenirs.

To learn more about snorkel cruises, please contact the concierge at the Venetian.


If you’re looking for a lovely Caribbean resort Turks and Caicos has many worth visiting. We invite you to experience the Venetian on Grace Bay. Contact us for more information about current rates and promotions.

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