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Mudjin Harbor – A Stunning Day Trip

Mudjin Harbor – A stunning day trip

Rumored to be the most photographed place in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Mudjin Harbor is a stunning, picturesque 3-mile stretch of coastline in quiet Middle Caicos. With squaking seagulls, dramatic limestone cliffs, breathtakingly blue waves and lush greenery, Mudjin Harbor is perfect for some solitary walking or for some intrepid exploring.

Mudjin Harbour Middle Caicos

Rumored to be the most photographed area in Turks and Caicos, stunning scenic vistas and almost total seclusion await you on this wondrous journey. Mudjin Harbor offers many unique natural treasures and you are in for a day of discovery that you are not soon likely to forget.

Start at the major overlook point for some dazzling views of the sparkling turquoise waters and the craggy cliffs, then venture more inland, where your wondrous journey of discovery can begin. Head down Crossing Place Trail, the historic hiking trail that once linked the salt plantations and small British settlements of Middle Caicos to North Caicos and the bulk of the Caicos Islands. Enjoy the bright green sea grasses, the palm fronds and the other types of lush green vegetation, as you discover the Blowing Hole and several other openfaced sea caves. The Blowing Hole is a small, free-standing body of water, surrounded by rock formations. It is unique in that it is connected to the ocean via a 75 foot long underwater cave, and when the surf’s up, tons of turquoise water comes sloshing through.  Juniper Hole, the largest of the open-faced sea caves, is also quite a sight, as it is replete with stalactites and bats. It is not easily accessible, and only experienced hikers are advised to take a closer look, but should you get past the rugged cliffs, hidden sinkholes and sharp rocks, more stunning views will await you in this gem of a place.

After surveying the low, marshy swamplands and the gently rolling hills of the inlands, head outwards again towards the ocean for another enthralling adventure. Now it is time for Dragon Cay, a rocky little enclave out in the water, that is easily accessible via a soft pink sandbar. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of this secluded spot, as you take a dip in the tidal rock pools, some that can get as deep as nine feet, and some that will have fish swimming in them! Also enjoy views of the plentiful sea urchins and reef sharks as you explore this rocky natural wonder.

After this, you have surely worked up an appetite, so feel free to head back to Conch Bar Village, where you can nosh on cracked conch, lobster salad or even a delicious conch burger dripping with tartar sauce.

Now that your spectacular excursion has come to an end, bid these fabulous, scenic vistas farewell, and revel in the memories you have created that will surely last a lifetime.

*Notes: Mudjin Harbor is on Middle Caicos and is easily accessible by ferry. You can park your car in the small car park near the Blue Horizon Resort, where a concrete pathway will take you down to the starting point by the beach. Wear sturdy boots or shoes for adequate
hiking and climbing and beware of poisonous coral sumac. Also consider bringing mosquito repellant for the swampy lowland marshes.

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