Sunshine on the Horizon

Dear friends and guests,

There’s a season for everything, and while this season has certainly brought us the unexpected, it has also reinforced what is most important: good friends, wonderful guests, supportive family, and a strong and healthy community. 

While we’re disappointed that we don’t get to share this beautiful springtime in Turks and Caicos with you this year, that’s not going to stop us from sharing our sunshine through posts and pictures. We’ll also be sharing creative ideas on how you can infuse some Caribbean fun and flavour into your springtime at home.

From our home to yours, we thank you for persevering with us during this time. We’re thinking of you and we’re looking forward to seeing you on your next return to Turks and Caicos. In the meantime, let’s keep in touch, and if you have any questions, please reach out to us at 1 (877) 277-4793. 

With love from our entire staff at the Venetian on Grace Bay 💕


If you’re looking for a lovely Caribbean resort Turks and Caicos has many worth visiting. We invite you to experience the Venetian on Grace Bay. Contact us for more information about current rates and promotions.

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