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Summer’s here and it is bliss! Especially down here in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Fewer people than ever (high season is in the winter), warm, calm turquoise waters and 80 degree weather all around!  Sure, it can be fun and super relaxing to dig your toes in the sand and to just give yourself over to the pleasant sunshine. But should you want some action, that is possible, too. And it is highly recommended that while you’re down here, you experience some of the water activities that make the Turks & Caicos the ULTIMATE in tropical Caribbean destinations.

1. Snorkeling. Probably the best place for you to snorkel is Coral Gardens. Easily accessible at various points off Grace Bay Beach, Coral Gardens has no shortage of exotic and rare marine life. From the beautiful and brightly-colored coral formations, to the yellowtail snappers, jolt-head porgies, sand-sifting mojarras, sea turtles, stingrays, starfish, sea urchins and lobsters, Coral Gardens is a delight to anyone who wants to snorkel in what is largely regarded as one of the top 10 diving sites in the world.

2. Diving. And speaking of diving…..well, even the late Jacques Cousteau revered TCI as one of the most amazing spots to take a dive. The gentle, clean and temperate water, combined with the crystal clear visibility, offers divers a real eyeful. It is particularly recommended that you try a night dive. The sea creatures cannot see you too well in the dark, and it is easy to get closer and to truly interact with the marine life. You can watch as green moray eels slither, octopi hunt and sharks prey during a night dive. True excitement!

3. Parasailing. Sail above it all, high, like a bird. Once you reach cruising altitude of 585+ ft., with the wind blowing through your hair, the silence will create a zen-like feeling as you float through the sky, mind-blowing, breathtaking views far down below. You will pass the white, sandy beaches, the hidden cays, the lush mangroves and the bright coral formations tucked neatly down underneath a layer of crystal-clear, bright turquoise water. Not bad for a day’s activity, eh?

4. Boat cruise. There are several tour operators, such as Island Vibes Tours, that offer a 1/2 or full day of exploration, luxury and relaxation along the water. You can have your pick between a 1/2 day Snorkel Tour with the kids, a romantic Sunset Cruise, with fine cheeses and wine, or you can really go all out and book a Private Luxury VIP Tour for that first class feeling. All tours provide plush Leather Crest upholstery, a rooftop lounge, rum punch, delicious food and incredible views.

5. Kayaking. This water sport can be a very special experience in TCI. The labyrinthian passageways that you can explore will take you through hidden cays, shallow mangroves and remote tidal creeks. The silence and seclusion will truly help you to focus on the rare bird species, such as herons, egrets and brown pelicans, as well as the amazing marine life, such as lemon sharks, conch and the occasional dolphin. You can even paddle out to specific islands that have
treasures of their own, such as Little Water Cay, which is teeming with iguanas or take lunch on uninhabited Pine Cay and enjoy the views.


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