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Turks & Caicos Art Hopping Guide

Turks & Caicos Art Hopping Guide

Art Hopping Guide

It is no secret that the Turks and Caicos specializes in amazing scenery. But there is scenery of a different sort that visitors can indulge in that may prove more cultural and arty. For the serious art connoisseur, people who are interested in learning about the unique and eclectic culture of the Turks, or for the casual art lover, why not try a day of art hopping around the Islands?  Indeed, in addition, to an exclusive golf club, live music performances and a movie theater (more to do!), there are several art galleries peppered about the Islands that should not be missed. Each has its own distinctive flair and distinctive wares. From traditional, native handicrafts that reflect the farming/fishing past of the Turks, such as plaited straw bags, hats and dolls, strong nets woven to capture fish and turtles and beautiful baskets made from the graceful grasses growing alongside the shores and marshes to the more contemporary and modern galleries that exhibit paintings, drawings, wood carvings, blown glass, ceramic pieces, and metal sculpture, the Turks has something for everyone. Some pieces have a strong Haitian influence, some have a tropical flair, and all are beautiful and unique in their own ways.
Please consult the guide below:

1. Art Provo – Attractive gallery setting, with art from 20 of Provo’s finest local artists, some locals and some North American expats. Art ranges from oil and acrylic paintings, jewelry, fine glass pieces, crafts and gifts. Be sure to check out Kristen Mack’s gorgeous Island photography. Regent Village, Grace Bay, Providenciales.

2. Making Waves – With a generous nod from Fodor’s travel guide, this gallery should not be missed. The personal studio of local artist Sara Alexandra Skye, a German expat who has lived and painted throughout much of Europe, the Middle
East, Australia, Canada and the Caribbean, Miss Skye exhibits Turks and Caicos-inspired paintings, drawings, photos and postcards. Be sure to check out her soothing seascapes and abstracts. Regent Village, Grace Bay, Providenciales.

3. Middle Caicos Co-op – Displaying the high-quality work of over 60 native artists from the outer Islands, carefully woven, baskets, hats, table mats, and other souvenirs are available for purchase. Model sailboats from the Islands’ annual Valentine’s Day Cup and polished conch shells are also on display. Conch Bar, Middle Caicos.

4. The Little Craft Shop – A little stall where artist Curalena Phillips sells handmade woven baskets and double “Kadores” dollies. Located at the beginning of the causeway, North Caicos.

5. Paradise Arts – A collection of ceramic pottery, colorful tiles, watercolors, prints and photography. Saltmills, Grace Bay, Providenciales.

6. Anna’s Art Gallery – Bright and eclectic pieces await at Anna’s; from bold silk paintings to fine jewelry, to prints and cards, to soap, Anna’s is a treasure trove of specialities. Pay special attention to Diane Page’s beautiful shell pieces for an elegant taste of the Caribbean. Saltmills, Providenciales.

7. Alverna’s craft market – Perfect if you’re in the market for a gift, Alverna’s sells souvenirs such as metal wall hangings fashioned from oil barrels and decorated with colorful fish, crabs, turtles, iguanas, palm trees and stars. But that’s not all! She also sells sculptures, candles, shell wind chimes and pottery, all with a unique Haitian flair. Grace Bay, Providenciales. So, there you have it. The best of the best regarding local art in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Take something home to remind you of what you love so much about this stunning place.

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