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The Venetian – A Family Friendly Resort

The Venetian – A Family Friendly Resort

A Family Friendly Resort

The Venetian on Grace Bay luxury resort is the perfect place to have a fun, peaceful and private family vacation.

Firstly, the Venetian is located on the far side of the award-winning Grace Bay Beach, and has its very own private stretch of coastline. This area is great for taking secluded walks, throwing the football around, building sand castles and taking the young ones into the water.

Fun family friendly activities can also be found a bit further down Grace Bay Beach, such as SNUBA diving and snorkeling. SNUBA is a more low-key version of deep sea diving, that is safer for kids. The breathing tank follows the child behind on a small raft, as the child is allowed to dive further than the shallow 20 ft. allowed with snorkeling. But, for children under the age of 8, snorkeling is also an enjoyable and pleasurable activity! Both activities allow children to get interactive with the beautiful and pristine natural ecosystem of the Turks. Indeed, a SNUBA or snorkeling excursion yields incredible views of the brightly-colored
coral reefs, schools of tropical fish, lobsters, conch shells and sea turtles.

Another day excursion that yields fantastic views and is child-friendly, is a trip to Sapodilla Bay Beach. About a 35 minute drive away from our resort, the water at Sapodilla Bay is very shallow and very calm, with no strong currents or other hidden dangers. It is perfect for small children. An added delight is the Sapodilla Bay Hill Rock Carvings. These carvings are sentiments left by ship-wrecked sailors during the mid 1700-1800’s. Children of all ages will enjoy seeing these historical ruins after a nice swim in the warm crystal-clear waters.

Upon returning home, meals are easily procured. There’s no need to dine out at expensive gourmet restaurants every night……indeed, the Venetian has fully equipped luxury kitchens that come complete with stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, double ovens, and a separate cook top. A quick stop at the local grocery store, Graceway Gourmet (a five minute cab ride away), and you’re all set. You can either purchase ready-made gourmet-style dinners or you can buy groceries and cook your own family meals. Feel free also to use the grills that can be found on the grounds of the Venetian, while the children splash about in the pool.

After dinner, a fun evening activity for children of all ages, is a glow worm tour. You’d have to be on the island at the right time of the month, but the excursion boat leaves just after sunset, and as the darkness settles in, tiny glow worms come to the surface of the water and explode in brilliant shades of green and yellow, as they mate. Children will delight in the spectacle, while the adults can enjoy some rum punch and the cool night breezes. The staff at the Venetian will be happy to schedule any tour or activity of your liking.

Indeed, the Venetian offers the perfect blend of convenience, seclusion and quiet for the ultimate family getaway.

The Venetian on Grace Bay

If you’re looking for a lovely Caribbean resort Turks and Caicos has many worth visiting. We invite you to experience the Venetian on Grace Bay. Contact us for more information about current rates and promotions.

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