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Whale Watching In The Turks And Caicos Islands

Whale Watching in the Turks and Caicos Islands

And then, there it is…..

Another sound.

This one, a low hum, coming from below. And suddenly, a huge tail surfaces from the sea and splashes down again.

Your whale watching tour is underway!

If you’re thinking of visiting us here in the Turks and Caicos Islands – January to April is a special time to visit. It is whale watching season. Many travelers come from far and wide to behold these massive sea creatures, these gentle giants, as they migrate in big groups, some from as far away as Iceland and Greenland.

The migratory route of the North Atlantic humpback whale, passes right by the Turks and Caicos, and those that partake in this most wonderous of activities are lucky indeed.

Whales are playful and friendly animals, and they have been known to flipper slap, breech, lobtail, backflip, and sometimes even jump completely clear of the water! Watching their antics is truly a treat, and being in the company of these majestic beasts will create memories that will last a lifetime.

The whales migrate each year to the warmer waters of the Silver Banks of the Dominican Republic to give birth and nurse their young. When they pass by our islands, they pass by Salt Cay, specifically. It is highly recommended that you turn your whale watching tour into a day trip and spend a few hours on the tiny, tranquil isle of Salt Cay, nicknamed the land that time forgot. Steeped in history, yet quiet and still, the ghosts of the past flit by, past the crumbling ruins of the saltinas, past the disintigrating salt plantations and past the derelict windmills.

Indeed Salt Cay is sparsely populated; with less than 90 inhabitants, even fewer roads and no postal office to speak of, Salt Cay feels as though you have stepped hundreds of years back in time or into another dimension. A true journey into escapism, a day on Salt Cay will truly relax you. Ask the locals about how stealthy pirates used to raid the thriving salt plantations in the middle of the night. Befriend the free- roaming donkeys as they meander down dusty lanes. Swing in a hammock for a few lazy hours and watch the tide roll in, as ospreys and egrets flutter past the tattered remains of the windmills.

Give yourself over to true relaxation after the thrill and excitement of chasing herds of migrating whales.

Create even more magical moments in a place that is already as magical, mystical and enchanting as you could hope for.

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