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Time marches on… who thought it would be this time of year already? By the way, how are your New Year’s Resolutions doing? Remember those? The Venetian resort does!

If you haven’t quite kept up with your promises on January 1st to totally change your life, don’t worry: changing habits is one of the hardest things to do. It takes time, and who in this day and age has extra time to spare? We all lead busy lives, which is one of the reasons why we take vacations.

And what better time to reboot your life than on a vacation in the Turks and Caicos?

Here are 5 ways to focus on your New Year’s resolutions during your stay here, and truly change your life.

Resolution 1: Slim Down By Banishing Bad Eating Habits

Providenciales, and especially the Grace Bay Beach area, is noted for its culinary sophistication. There is world-class cuisine to be found.

Every restaurant here offers healthy choices that not only help you discard all those bad eating habits, but also taste great.

Read more about restaurants close to the Venetian resort.

Resolution 2: Be More Active

It can be tough to get out an exercise, especially during the long, cold winter. In the Turks and Caicos, on the other hand, it’s always the perfect temperature for getting out and getting active.

There’s so much to do here in the islands as well. Walk or jog the twelve miles of powdery sand that make up Grace Bay Beach. Go swimming just steps from our hotel. Play tennis at our tennis courts, or spend time getting acquainted with our world-class fitness room.

Want to spend time outside? Go play golf at one of the top golf courses in the Caribbean.

Most importantly, you’ll have the time to refresh, restart, banish old habits while creating new ones.

Resolution 3: Make More Time For Family

Everyone wants to spend more time with family. But with work, school, commuting and a mish-mash of schedules, it can be pretty tough. A family vacation to the Turks and Caicos is the perfect way to reconnect.

The Venetian is right on Grace Bay, just steps away from what is recognized to one of the best beaches in the whole world. Take your kids swimming. Build a sand castle. Relax at the pool. Explore the island together.

For more adventurous families,there is so much to do here on Providenciales that it can be difficult to fit everything in. To get you started, here are our top things to do with the kids near Grace Bay Beach.

Resolution 4: Take Up a New Hobby

Most of us vow to take up a new past-time as part of our New Year’s resolutions. Some people promise to study a new language. Other people resolve dust off a musical instrument. But in our busy lives it can be tough to find the time.

When you’re in the Turks and Caicos you’ll have the time to try something new. The challenge will be deciding what you want to do.

There is so much to do in Turks and Caicos that you can’t do anywhere else, all in the same place. Within a twenty-minute drive from our resort you can go kayaking, snorkeling, diving, golfing, kite-boarding and much more.

Resolution 5: Make Better Spending Decisions

And lastly, we all pledge at the start of the year to get our finances in order. We’re going to brown-bag it at work, shop less, save more.

There is one way you can save money… by taking advantage of the Venetian on Grace Bay’s great promotions throughout the year.

For example, from February 6 to April 14, 2017, every 7th night is free at the Venetian on Grace Bay Resort.


If you’re looking for a lovely Caribbean resort Turks and Caicos has many worth visiting. We invite you to experience the Venetian on Grace Bay. Contact us for more information about current rates and promotions.

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